Mr. Harbottle retired from the US Army as a “Green Beret” with 25 years of service to the nation in elite Airborne and Special Forces. Throughout his career he supported American interests worldwide by participating in missions across the entire operational spectrum.  Mr. Harbottle’s presence and leadership in sensitive, high level operations helped advance the long term goals of the United States.
As a “Green Beret”, Mr. Harbottle served as a weapons expert, operated independently , and led a joint, inter-agency team.  Prior to Special Forces, he led Paratroopers in multiple combat deployments.
Mr. Harbottle has numerous military and civilian awards from operations in Central America, Central Asia, and the Middle East. He is Special Forces and Ranger qualified, a licensed Private Investigator, an NRA certified firearms instructor, and holds BAS and AAS degrees. Mr. Harbottle is also employed as a defense contractor and provides advanced instruction and subject matter expertise to select students from the United States Special Operations Command.